Fizz Saver
Fizz Saver
Fizz Saver
Fizz Saver

Fizz Saver

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There's nothing worse than stale old nasty soda. This soda fizz saver is a handy little soda dispenser that doubles as a carbonation saver. It connects to pretty much any standard 1 or 2 liter bottles, and allows you to easily dispense the soda into a glass by just pulling on a lever.

To use the soda dispenser just twist the device onto the top of a bottle after removing the cap, then turn the bottle upside down, and you're ready to dispense some soda. Just place a glass under the nozzle, pull the lever down, and watch your glass fill up with fresh carbonated soda.

- Brand new and high quality.
- It is convenient for you to drink the sodas or cola, no need to lift a heavy cola.
- With a hole to match the mouth of coke bottle.
- With a switch valve, easy to operate.
- Light and portable, suitable to use at home, office, or camping.
- Washable and reusable.

How to use:
1.Place the rubber ring to the bottom.
2.Let the drink stand and screw the Fizz Saver to the bottle neck (to prevent air bubble appear, please do not to rock the drink).
3.Rotate the bottle and saver slowly (if there is air bubble, the saver will leak water, so had better no air bubbles).
4.After rotate the bottle, then rock the bottle to make air bubbles.
5.If your beverage is not cola or carbonated drinks, use the pin to pierce the bottle bottom.

1.Material: ABS + Rubber
2.Color: Red
4.Weight: 140g
5.Package: Retail package (Pictures for reference only)

Package Included:
1 x Fizz Saver