Food bag sealing clip (4Pcs)
Food bag sealing clip (4Pcs)
Food bag sealing clip (4Pcs)
Food bag sealing clip (4Pcs)

Food bag sealing clip (4Pcs)

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If keeping unsealed food in a sachet or bag fresh and safe has been worrisome, our Multifunctional Food Preservation Sealing Clip will take your troubles away. Easy to use and will keep moisture and insects away. Made healthy, with food-grade materials

You need not worry that your food will get stale or rot if the bag is opened. Use this seal & pour bag clip to store your favorite cereal, pasta, chips, snacks, and candy with this.

The spout design makes it super convenient to pour the food contents from the bag into the bowl. With a simple flip flop mechanism, it is highly comfortable to open and close it.

Easily fit for different sizes of bag, ideal for bagged coffee, cereal, rice, popcorn, flour, sugar, flax seed, or any food that comes from a bag.

Product Details

  • The tight-fitting design eliminates the need to fold and seal the food bag to prevent moisture oxidation and increase the shelf life of items
  • Unfinished snacks and foods that require long-term storage can be sealed with a bag clip, keeping food fresh and clean just in its original packaging!
  • Bag clips can be safely used in refrigerators and dishwashers, sturdy and reusable.
  • Wide range of applications: suitable for storage boxes, refrigerators, reusable
  • Material: PP
  • Airtight sealing clip for food bags
  • Length: 5.1 in approx.
  • Keep your food fresh for a longer duration
  • Reusable for years
  • Simple flip flop closure design

Product Include:

  • 4 x Food bag sealing clip

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