Heavy Duty Shrink Wrap
Heavy Duty Shrink Wrap
Heavy Duty Shrink Wrap

Heavy Duty Shrink Wrap

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ūüĎüSealed off everything, effortlessly!¬†ūüĎü

Securely seal things and foods with this multipurpose shrink film. The convenient item at your home!


  • Easy¬†and effortless:¬†with a high shrinkage ratio, allowing the film to¬†shrink quickly with low heat.¬†You can¬†even use a hair blower to seal your product.
  • Perfect to preserve:¬†your foods and conserve your items¬†like shoes, or any device at your home.¬†Keep and save it from any damages!
  • Highly Resistance:¬†Resistant to water, oils, and any acids or bases giving extra protection to your products.¬†Keep away¬†your item or food from dirt, and grease.¬†

Environmentally Friendly: Made with PLA (polylactic acid) which is a compostable & bioplastic that can be renewable materials. It can help to lessen the waste products and prevent harm to the environment.


  • Color:¬†Crystal Clear
  • Size :¬†30 x 40 cm

package includes

  • 100pcs¬† Heavy Duty Shrink Wrap